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Ok, so this weeks roundup is two weeks worth of updates, due to me becoming completely overwhelmed and underproductive lately. After a very chilled weekend though, I feel very much back on track. So without further adieu…

This week

  • Life update: I’M MOVING!!! This was something I was so afraid to jinx, so decided to stay silent on the subject. But yesterday we got the keys to our new place for the summer and I couldn’t be more excited. To be honest, the last few weeks and months have been a little draining, so I really can not wait to turn over a new leaf for the summer.
  • On Friday we went to the Spice Girls in Croke Park, and despite the sound and crowd management being ATROCIOUS, it was one of the best nights ever.
  • The girls and I decided to make a night of it on Friday and we stayed in the Camden Court Hotel. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for something central and practical. It was very handy.
  • I posted a throwback of last years holiday to Santorini on my Instagram, you can read my travel guide here. Or if you find yourself in Mykonos, you can read that post here.
  • I’m thrilled to be featured on Image Interiors! If you want to have a peek into my office, check it out here.
  • Since we last spoke, I have binged on the following Netflix shows: Bodyguard, Dead to Me & season 1 of Line of Duty. I would highly ¬†recommend each of them!
  • I found the season finale of Game of Thrones incredibly disappointing. That actually feels like an understatement, it was brutal!

weekly roundup


  • I got my lashes refilled in Elakshi Lash & Brow Boutique in Naas last week. Having the semi permanent lashes makes me feel so put together with minimal make up, if any! I would highly recommend the girls in Elakshi, they are such perfectionists, which is essential when it comes to your eyes!
  • After the skin analysis test that I did with Lloyd’s Pharmacy, they recommended I use Vichy Mineral 89 hydrating serum. My skin is extremely dehydrated, so I’m hoping this will help!
  • I had a #TilburyTransformation at the Charlotte Tilbury counter in Arnotts on Friday. I adore how they put a focus on a dewy & glowy make up look. I’m also obsessed with the Pillow Talk lipstick and liner, I had never tried it before!
  • I’m taking on the #PerfectilChallenge to see how my skin, hair & nails improve over the next 90 days…watch this space!
  • I got a Hydra Facial in Therapie last week and just adore how my skin feels afterwards. I know that regular facials can be a major expense when you add it up, but I think when it comes to your face and how you treat it, investing is so worth it! Per the Therapie website, the Hydra Facial does the following….cleanse & exfoliate, extract & hydrate and fuse & protect your skin.

weekly roundup


  • Have you seen my Marks & Spencer collaboration on my Instagram? It’s promoting lots of gorgeous linen pieces…make sure to have a look, they are the perfect additions to your summer wardrobe!
  • I’m living in the following pieces from & Other Stories…these jeans & this cardigan. I also wore this dress to the Spice Girls, but didn’t get a photo annoyingly enough.
  • The Gucci Loafers…I thought it would be best to take this story to the blog because it’s kind of a long one, and I didn’t want to clutter my Instagram stories with it. (If this story is totally new to you, the gold strap on my Gucci Brixton loafers snapped last week leaving them unwearable…upon returning them to the store, I left dissatisfied with how everything was handled). Below is the update.

So… When I was in the store last week I, admittedly, was in no way confrontational or able to articulate exactly what I wanted BTs to do because I just find situations like that a bit daunting and it’s hard to know what you’re entitled to. Long story short I sent a (very good, in my opinion ūüėé) email that got my frustrations and my points across. I received an email back within about 15 minutes asking to provide a phone number. I then spoke with the same member of staff who I dealt with in person, and it went really well…

We came to the conclusion that because of the nature of the break, these were a faulty pair of shoes and that no matter how worn they were, this would have always happened. This was a manufacturing fault as opposed to general wear and tear. The shoes are going to be replaced and I’m delighted. These were my first designer purchase ever so it was like a sucker punch when they broke. They are too expensive to not care if they’re unwearable.

The lady who I dealt with also apologised for how the store interaction went down, and I also had to take partial responsibility for feeling like I couldn’t vocalise my points. I need to learn to be more confident. I did nothing wrong but still felt as though I was “chancing my arm” by bringing them back, when of course, I was not.¬†

I’m really pleased with how this all was handled by Brown Thomas. I have never worked with them directly for anything blog or Instagram related, so there was no behind the scenes favours being pulled. I was very conscious and wary of throwing my weight around online by complaining about my experience, I really didn’t want to be that person. I did want to be very honest about my experience though, because these were shoes that I had been recommending to so many people. I would be surprised if this same issue arose for someone else, but if it did, I would have no doubt that the same procedure would be followed. Faulty shoes that are not fit for purpose = replacement.¬†


  • I got Capri Pizza in Naas on Saturday night, it was amazing! I didn’t think it was still open after all these years, but it’s still there and still tastes divine.
  • I posted a new food video on Friday that features my home-made map recipe and a really simple and healthy salad dressing.
  • I had brunch in Brother Hubbard South on Saturday, holy moly that place is divine. I got the crispy halloumi sandwich, and I actually just drooled a little as I typed that.


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