Weekly Roundup 28/4 – 5/5

  • This week, Sadhbh and I spent two nights in The Europe hotel in Killarney. It was genuinely spectacular. You can read more about our experience on the blog this week.
  • I had a creak in my neck this week, and it was like when you have a cold – I truly never appreciated being able to turn my head both ways. The pain was so hard to ignore, but I have a heat pack that you can stick in the microwave, and it honestly kept me sane. I also started to feel pain from my wisdom teeth coming up – the main remedies that you guys recommended were salt & water and clove oil. Thank you for those!
  • I shared my fake tanning prep routine and general tanning routine on my Insta-stories and they went down well. So in case you missed that… When prepping my skin, I began by using the Cocoa Brown Tan Eraser the night before applying my tan just to make sure that my skin was properly exfoliated and free from any old tan. I then covered myself in the Tan Organic Dry Oil which I am loving. My skin is so soft after this. The next day, I showered in the morning to clean my skin, then used my trusty Bondi Sands Dark Foam.
  • I felt SO OLD this week when I started researching who I was going to be voting for in the local elections. At the risk of sounding incredibly ignorant, I just wasn’t interested before / wasn’t mature enough to realise how important it is.
  • I started watching Afterlife on Netflix – so far, so good!
  • My Dad and I got a takeaway from the Lemongrass in Naas, and it was divine!!! The cartons that the food comes in are compostable too, which is a really nice touch!
  • Thank you for all of the lovely compliments on my Punchestown outfit! It was a bit of a last minute scramble in the end, but I loved my outfit. My heels were from ASOS, my playsuit was from Maje (it’s on sale!!!), and headpiece was made by the incredibly talented Aisling Kavanagh. I also got my make up done by the brilliant Leah Mas.
  • Sinead Keary came down to my house this week and did a Wardrobe Detox for my mum. She also arranged a Seasonal Edit shopping morning for her, and it was such a huge success.
  • I mentioned about the facial tan, I was trying last week. I gave up on the light/medium shade. I found the medium/dark shade and I’m much happier with the results!
  • In case you missed my occasion wear blog post, you can catch up here.
  • I’m announcing a REALLY exciting partnership for me tonight on my Instagram so stay tuned for that one…

I wanted to briefly talk about something has been on my mind a lot this week. With the whole talk of sustainability becoming more and more relevant and widespread, I’ve personally started to feel a bit of pressure on the topic. When it comes to social media, people can be cruel, more outspoken, and bold than they would be to your face. I feel like since I started talking about sustainability, fast fashion, and the environment, I’ve opened myself up to a lot more criticism on the subject. More-so than people who have never breathed a word about any of the topics. It’s a confusing and frustrating thought…one that I hope I’m getting across in the way that I mean to.

Sometimes talking about this topic, especially because it is so important, can welcome people’s opinions on every tiny aspect of what you across the board. We all create waste, and will continue to do this. We all shop from brands that aren’t perfect, and I’m sorry but, we will probably continue to do this too. We all just need to reduce, and do our best to do this consistently. We’re all learning. Despite being so passionate about everything that I talk about, I am not perfect and would never claim to be. I would never look down on someone for their decisions – be it a blogger promoting fast fashion brands, or someone buying a coffee that isn’t in a Keep Cup.  Not one person on the planet lives a totally 100% sustainable life. If every single person makes a small effort, it will collectively create a bigger and better change than if it’s just the minority who are pulling their weight. With that said, grilling people on different lifestyle choices does not make the person doing the questioning a better person, it just makes the person who you are questioning feel bad, and ultimately less likely to want to think about the subject…or in my case, talk about it.

I hope that came across in the way that I intended it to. It’s just something that I’ve noticed in the last while and I wanted to vent a little on the subject as it might give people some food for thought. I won’t stop talking about sustainability, fast fashion or the environment. I won’t shop at the different brands who I have been boycotting since last summer (not something I shout about – just a personal decision)…and I certainly won’t let any aggression that I find in my DM’s slow me down. I’m just doing my best like every one else.

Have a wonderful week,

Niamh xx

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  1. Audrey
    May 6, 2019 / 7:57 pm

    Niamh love your weekly roundups! Also, that piece at the end was so well written. Sorry to hear you are getting negative feedback but I think you are doing a great job and shouldn’t stop talking about the topic because of a handful of negative people who likely aren’t doing much about the issue themselves.

    • Audrey
      May 6, 2019 / 8:53 pm

      P.S. just bought your Punchestown shoes. DELIGHTED WITH LIFE

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