Weekly Roundup 3/52

I hope everyone had a great week. I feel as though I blinked & Friday is here.

Weekly Roundup


  • I have to share my favourite mascara that I feel deserves a special mention. If you haven’t tried Two Faced Better Than Sex mascara, take my word for it and get your hands on it ASAP!
  • I found a really comprehensive article that explains Retinol. I find I keep hearing that I need to be using Retinol in my skincare routine, but there’s usually a lot of information that goes along with it, so I just ignored it to be honest. I’m currently not using Retinol but I’m definitely going to consider adding it in to my routine now.
  • Chanel Beauty just launched four CHANCE FRAGRANCE PENS!!! I was kindly gifted them last week and was so delighted to open the package. Not only is the packaging absolutely gorgeous, the idea is so cool. They will be so handy for travelling, and to have in your handbag. For a little more info on the four different scents, here’s a snippet from the press release: “Apply the retractable tip directly on the skin to touch up the fragrance of your choice throughout the day to suit your mood. CHANCE offers a dose of optimism, CHANCE EAU FRAÎCHE a fresh and energizing effect, CHANCE EAU TENDRE a moment of tenderness and CHANCE EAU VIVE a vivifying sensation.” They launch today!
  • I asked you on Wednesday to share your favourite beauty products of 2019 with me, after I shared my latest blog post. The top 5 most popular products were:

Weekly RoundupWeekly Roundup


  • Sustainable Fashion Dublin are hosting a ‘VIP Closet Clear-Out‘ sale this Saturday from 1-5pm in The Workmans Club. All money raised goes towards the Australian bush fires. I donated a bag of clothes, and I know that lot’s of others did too!
  • I’ve had my eye on this travel bag for about 4 years now (I’m not even slightly exaggerating), but I’m holding out for a second hand bag to come in to Siopaella soon. If you’ve got one that is gathering dust in your wardrobe, consider selling it so that I can buy it….please!


  • I read a really interesting & helpful article on food waste this week, be sure to check it out. I also have a blog post myself that you can check out here. This topic is something that I really want to focus on and talk more about this year, so watch this space!
  • The finishing touches for this blog post are coming to you from Meet Me in the Morning on Pleasants Street. I’m currently enjoying a bowl of bircher muesli / overnight oats style brekkie & have to say I would highly recommend.

Weekly Roundup

& the rest

  • I’ve started using the Couch to 5K app to track my 30 minute runs each evening. I decided that I wanted to try and be a little more active on these dreary evenings that are mainly spent on the couch, so I set myself a new challenge. I’ve four runs under my belt already this week and while definitely I’m a little tired, I feel great. The app is brilliant because it starts you off at complete beginner stages and eventually gets you to the stage where you can run 5K non stop. Each time you go for a run, you click into the week and day that you’re on, and a voice will speak to you over the course of the following 30 minutes, telling you when to warm up, walk, jog & cool down. You can have your music on full blast too and you’ll still here the prompts. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough! Thank you to my wonderful friend Lauren for the advice and inspo!
  • I have a feeling I’m going to retire from watching Love Island very soon. I’m struggling so much to get into it, and I know my time could be better spent doing other things in the evenings. I’m 100% going to keep up my evening runs though.
  • I’m excited to start watching Cheer on Netflix this weekend. I’ve heard brilliant things – I’ll report back on my thoughts next week.
  • Did anyone else hear The Daily’s episode about Carlos Ghosn?! My mind was blown. Here’s an good article about the story.

That’s all for now! See you next week,

Niamh xx


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