Weekly Roundup 5/52

So, yet another weekly roundup that’s coming to you late. Not to make excuses, but here I go anyway…I’ve been crippled with migraines for the last few weeks, and they love coming in strong at the end of each week when I’m already on my last legs. Last Friday’s was no exception hence the late blog post. Anyway, onwards and upwards…


  • I am so excited to be taking part in The Glow Up Live! The Glow Up, hosted by Stellar, is my favourite beauty podcast and it makes me so happy to A) take part in an episode, and B) do it live in front of an audience! It’s going to be the ultimate girls day out on the 29th of Feb so if you’re interested, get your tickets here!
  • I met with the Laura Mercier team during the week, and I was blown away by their brand new Blurring Primer. I think the photo below speaks for itself, but wow! It definitely feels a little drying on the skin which makes sense given it’s a blurring product that (I think) soaks up excess oil in your skin, so I’d recommend a hydrating foundation to have on top if you aren’t typically oily like me.


  • Last week, I was lucky enough to visit Copenhagen for the launch of Zalando’s Sustainable Capsule Collection. More on this later in the week, but I have to mention the street style. It was honestly hands down the best I have ever seen. I wanted to burn my entire wardrobe, haha!
  • Here’s a great article by Vogue…it shows the different ways to recreate some of the stunning outfits worn at CFW.
  • I’m still getting all of my fashion ‘inspo’ from Pinterest. Here’s a link to my latest outfits board. Don’t be surprised if you see me sporting various versions of these looks over the next few weeks!

& the rest…

  • I just finished This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay. I would highly recommend reading it or listening to it on Audible. It’s so well written and, if you’re listening, narrated by the author. I laughed so much at times, and felt so sad at others. If you don’t know, it’s a book that tells the stories of a junior doctor in the NHS, and is structured in a diary format. I was driving down the N7 (in the fast lane) listening to some of it, and honestly nearly swerved when one story was told about a certain patient, it was that shocking! If you’ve read it – it’s the one about the girl who essentially tried to operate on her own vagina, so needless to say I wasn’t expecting it! This is a book that I couldn’t get enough of. 10/10.
  • I shared a video on my IGTV last week showing how to up-cycle used candles. I’m delighted that a handful of people have already sent me photos of their upcycled jars. It’s such an easy thing to do, saves a lot of waste and allows you to get creative.
  • Has anyone else been following Deadwater Fell on Channel 4? Mum and I have been absolutely bet into it every Friday night! The finale was on Friday and I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed?!
  • I watched the Taylor Swift Movie on Netflix at the weekend. It was an easy watch, but probably not something I would say you need to see. I will say though, it definitely changed my opinion on her for the better.
  • You might have seen on Instagram, that I had portraits of Geoff and Harry done by Crown & Paw. I am so thrilled with how they turned out, the quality is AMAZING! I have to mention a few things thoug…
    • The print comes in a canvas style.
    • They took almost 2 months to arrive.
    • There is minimal updates from the company after you, which some people might find unsettling. I was sure I had been scammed but obviously I wasn’t in the end.
    • There are a hefty amount of complaints about the service online, so bear this in mind if purchasing.
    • There always seems to be some sort of discount code floating around so definitely look for one before buying.

Weekly Roundup 5/52

I hope you enjoyed this roundup! See you again on Friday for the next one… Promise I won’t be late again.

Niamh xx



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