Weekly Roundup 6/52

Yay for a weekly roundup that’s here on time…


I’m so excited for Charlotte Tilbury’s new releases. The gorgeous and ever popular Pillow Talk range has expanded and there are two brand new shades of lipsticks along with with other eyes and face products. My favourite lipstick is shade Medium which I was wearing last night.

I’m FINALLY sharing my skincare blogpost that I’ve promised for the last too long on Sunday. I hope you enjoy it, I wanted to make sure it was really comprehensive and informative.


I ordered some gorgeous new bits from Sezane at the weekend, here’s what I got – this gorgeous camel knit & this white and yellow jumper. I’ve shopped from Sezane before and the quality of their pieces is amazing. I know a lot of people say to size down, but in my experience I’ve found I need to size up! I’m an 8 on top and took a size Small in the camel and Medium in the other one.

I absolutely adore Strathberry bags. I treated myself to this one about two years ago now, and while it’s definitely not my most worn, I adore it so much. The quality matches that of top end designers, in my opinion, but the bags come at a fraction of the price. I’m very tempted by this backpack, I think it would be so handy for travelling…

I got a gorgeous new Prada cardholder in Kildare Village last week and I’m obsessed. My previous cardholder was a couple of years old, and a little worse for wear. One lesson I learned from my last cardholder (which was a bright turquoise Tiffany one) is that it has got to be an eye-catching colour. I constantly lost mine in my room and if it was a black or neutral colour, I never would have found it. At least with this new pink one, it’ll never go too far unnoticed.


I’m currently in London with Bailey’s, and we had the most gorgeous evening last night at their Treat Report event. We got to sample so many delicious bites and nibbles – I was in foodie heaven. There were lots of familiar faces from The Great British Bake Off, and the host was none other than Claudia Winkleman…I died! The Treat Report was basically an evening of discussing upcoming dessert/sweet treat trends in 2020, and how Bailey’s ties into the mix and supports the ideas. Thanks to the Bailey’s team for having me!

I teamed up with Ballyfree this week to show you some low calorie and high protein alternatives to pork rashers and sausages. I was always a bit skeptical of turkey sausages and rashers, but I’m completely converted since a few months ago. They’re so delicious and you really wouldn’t notice the difference in my opinion…it’s as if they’re just another flavour of regular sausages, but they’re high in protein and low in calories. Two huge pluses in my books.

I shared a new food video this week of a chicken caprese recipe. It’s an easy and straightforward one to do midweek and is so delicious. Let me know if you try it.

& the rest

  • You might have heard me harping on about the migraines I’ve been getting lately. I’ve never experienced them before, and needless to say I’ll never throw the word around lightly again…I’m talking about the type of pain that wakes me up from my sleep and has me literally nauseous. The only things that seems to kind of ease the pain is…
    • lots of fresh air and walks
    • Blue-light blocking glasses when I’m looking at my screens
    • Going to bed early
    • A cold cloth on my forehead and eyes
    • …& obviously pain killers!
  • Tonight I’m going to complete week 4 of the Couch to 5K. I found the jump from week 3 to week 4 the hardest by a mile. I’m really starting to feel the positive effects of it now, I feel so much better physically and look forward to the headspace I get with each run. I’ve got a highlight on my IG that I’m saving all of my updates to.
  • I donated to Hometree.ie before this trip to London to offset the carbon emissions of my flights. This is a great way to offset yourself support a local initiative at the same time.
  • I shared a website during the week called Which Candidate – it helps you to see which candidates in your constituency align with your policy views for the election tomorrow. Needless to say, there is so much more research that needs to be done on how you should cast your vote. Watch all of the debates and also do research on the history of the people in your constituency to be aware of their previous track record.

That’s all for this week!

Niamh xx



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