Weekly Roundup 7/4 – 14/4

I’ve decided to start documenting my highlights of each week here on the blog. I’ll be sharing links to things that I enjoyed – maybe articles or new things to shop, and different topics that I may have covered on social media. I’ve seen a few different blogs doing this style of post each week and I love the idea. I hope you enjoy it!

Lillet All Day

Last Wednesday to Friday, I was lucky enough to be brought on the most gorgeous press trip ever with Lillet. Lillet is a French wine-based aperitif from Podensac. There are three different flavours (Rouge, Rosé & Blanc) and trust me, you will want to be enjoying them all summer long- they are divine! We mainly enjoyed them as Lillet Spritz’s –  this is Lillet served with tonic water. Try it & thank me later.

For our trip, we flew into Bordeaux & enjoyed a night of rooftop Lillet Spritz’s & dinner. On Thursday we made our way to Podensac to see where Lillet is made, and we learned all about the history of the brand. It’s was so interesting, seeing the processes and meeting the people behind a brand really make you appreciate it so much more.

That evening we headed to Arcachon, probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. We did a boat trip to Cap Ferret the morning before our flight and it was honestly just the most stunning experience I’ve ever had, I’ll most definitely be visiting that region again.

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

H&M Conscious Collection Launch

During the week I also finally got to share the photos from my shoot with H&M to promote their Spring Conscious Collection. This was such a dream to be able to work on. I worked with H&M last year to promote their Autumn Conscious Collection, so I was thrilled to be asked back again. All of the pieces in the collection are made from a sustainably-sourced material, such as 100% organic cotton, Tencel or recycled polyester. The pieces couldn’t feel or look more beautiful. I love that H&M are paving the way for more high-street brands to include sustainably sourced materials into their collections.

You can shop my two dresses here & here.

Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup

  • I’ve been loving my Mercedes Castillo sandals, they’ve gotten a lot of wear and will continue to over the coming months. Shop my two pairs here (pink), and here (similar shape & style to my white).
  • I tried my first oyster and it was a vile experience from start to finish.
  • I came across this Irish Times article about consent, and it terrified me.
  • I got sent the new Si Fiori perfume by Armani, and it smells like heaven. Get yourself to a perfume counter ASAP to sample it.
  • My last WhatsApp group recommendations blog post about fake tan has gone down a treat, I even influenced myself into buying a new bronzer that I definitely didn’t need from my beauty one.
  • My office is now 90% complete after picking up an order I was waiting on from JYSK yesterday. If you don’t know, JYSK is a new Scandinavian-style design store that just opened in Naas. I worked with them to help promote the launch, and then got sucked into spending more than I could have imagined, because everything is so cool and incredibly affordable.

Weekly Roundup

From the previous week…

  • I travelled to London with Victor & Rolf to celebrate the launch of the new Flowerbomb Midnight fragrance. It’s a gorgeous scent that feels fruity & floral, and is definitely a night time fragrance for me.
  • Myself and a few friends went to Galway to visit a few of our college friends. We ate in Tribeton and it was very cool. The food was good & the atmosphere was 10/10. I would  also highly recommend trying an espresso martini while you’re there. You can read my full travel post on Galway here.
  • I enjoyed a gorgeous dinner in The Grayson with Seedlip Drinks. Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. It’s an insanely delicious alternative to a mocktail/soft drink if you don’t drink alcohol or are the designated driver on a night out.
  • I asked for advice on a basic/short term graphic design course on my Instagram stories, and to be honest, most of the replies were from people who were looking for me to share the recommendations! A lot of people recommended YouTube videos as the best place to start so I’m going to begin there. Another recommendation, which I use a lot, was Canva. Canva is a free online tool full of lots of different easy-to-use features & functionalities to help you achieve your graphic goals.
  • I started looking into sustainable swimwear options for the summer, and found this article from Image.ie very helpful.
  • It really bugged me that Penney’s knocked off Veja runners. Naturally it happens in fashion every day of the week, but when a brand puts such an emphasis on their working conditions and sustainable practices & messaging, it’s not really acceptable. Read more about that here.
  • I bought my Mum flowers from Flemings Florist in Naas, they lasted so well & were just gorgeous to have in the house. I would definitely recommend them, I’ll be back!

Weekly Roundup

That’s all for this week and last week! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you were looking for anything that I mentioned, I hope you found it. If not, shoot me a message on Instagram & I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Have a lovely week,

Niamh xx

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