Weekly Roundup 7/52

I’m sorry but I couldn’t believe it when I typed “7/52” in the title box of this blog post. WHERE IS THIS YEAR GOING?!?!


  • I shared a snap of my Chanel Fresh Water Tint during the week on my stories and got a lot of questions about how and when I use it. I adore this product. It’s definitely as minimal as you can get in terms of coverage though, so it’s for those good-skin-days. If you’re someone who needs a higher coverage on your face, then this is not the product for you. My skin is relatively clear at the moment but I always need an application of concealer to even out patchy tones and cover scarring or small blemishes. I wear the fresh water tint on it’s own on the days when I want to wear something light on my face. I’ll also wear it to events or when I’m meeting people during the day, usually with Charlotte Tilbury’s Flawless Filter underneath, and my usual makeup products on top. When I wear it this way, it just feels like a really light foundation and I love that.
  • I lathered myself in my beloved Bondi Sands Aero Dark Self Tanning Foam last night. I had laser hair removal during the week, so I’ve had to remain pale for the last little while. I haven’t used tan since Christmas time, so I am beside myself with excitement to say goodbye to my Casper-like-complexion.
  • I finally got lash extensions again yesterday morning in Elakshi Lash & Brow Boutique in Naas. Jennifer is an absolute pro. My best advice for maintaining lash extensions are:
    • Don’t touch them whatsoever for 3 hours after having them done
    • Don’t get them wet for 24 hours after having them done
    • Brush them every second day
    • Don’t wear mascara at all
    • Avoid oily facial skincare products
    • When washing your face, do your best to avoid scrubbing your eyes
    • Remove eye make up with a cotton bud / pad
    • Do your best to train yourself to sleep on your back or at the edge of your pillow to minimise pulling in your sleep


  • I couldn’t be arsed with any of the Fashion Weeks and all of the shows to be honest, but I LOVE seeing all of the streetstyle… Here is a good roundup of cool outfits spotted in New York. Some are absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion, but some are so fab.
  • I been getting lots of wear out of my plain black blazer lately. I got it from All Saints in the Black Friday Sale and I adore it. I always size up in All Saints so I went for a size 10.
  • I asked for a recommendation for the best suede protector during the week after a very exciting purchase…. You suggested the ones from:
    • Aldo
    • Office
    • Clarkes
    • Collonil Anti Rain
    • Carbon Pro
    • Ugg
    • Timberland


  • I stocked up on basically all of the Strong Roots products during the week, if you haven’t tried any of them, I’d suggest doing so ASAP!
  • Tonight I’m going to MASA with the girls for dinner, only because 777 was fully booked when we tried over a week ago. I really think their margaritas are the best in Dublin, but I’m always open to suggestions if you know of better? The ones in The Sidecar in The Westbury are gorgeous too.
  • I shared the most delicious Chilli Video during the week. I know I say this with every video but this one is really so good. There’s a lot of ingredients but the flavours are amazing.


& The Rest

That’s all for this week!

Niamh xx



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