Weekly Roundup 9/6 – 16/6

This week…

  • Here is an article that explains everything that is going on in Sudan…everyone should read this.
  • Friendly reminder to not leave your dogs in the car with the windows shut, or ever.
  • Sadhbh and I went to Fleetwood Mac on Thursday night in the RDS, and they were absolutely incredible!
  • We also ventured to Taste of Dublin on Friday night despite the rain. I’ve listed two places in the food section below that I will most definitely be visiting as a result of some divine tasters.
  • I got some gorgeous throw cushions & sheets for my room from Marks & Spencer Home in Dundrum. I swear, I’m sleeping better because of the sheets…
  • Following on from this, and while the sheets are definitely making a difference to my quality of sleep, I’ve basically cut coffee out of my life over the last 3 weeks. I didn’t start to cut it out intentionally, we didn’t have any in the house when we moved in, and then I just stopped thinking about it to be honest. I’ve been sleeping so soundly and I really do put it down to the lower amounts of caffeine in my system. I always started my day off with a cup of tea because it felt easier on my stomach, and now I just reach for another cup of tea instead of coffee. I’d highly recommend trying to cut out coffee if you find you’re not sleeping well.


  • I got my hair coloured for the first time in almost 10 years by the amazing team at Kemon Hair. Kemon is a sustainable brand that originated in Italy. All of their products are organic, sustainably farmed, ethically sourced, and not tested on animals. This was important to me when colouring my hair because I really wanted to do as little damage as possible to my natural hair. Their home-care products are also gorgeous and there is something for everyone in their range. I’m working with them on this project so will fill you in properly on their home-care during the week. (This little mention is just me updating you on my personal experience so far because I’m so happy with it, this is not part of the collaboration.)
  • I finally got my brows tamed by the incredible Becky Foskin. She is so professional, friendly, and just such a lovely person I cannot praise her highly enough. She’s based in the Blink Bar in Ranelagh, so give her a shout on Instagram to book in with her – @becky_withthegoodbrows
  • Speaking of brows, I was thinking about my two favourite brow products during the week. I realise I am a totally rookie, as I usually just shade in the gaps with eyeshadow (!!!). The first one I’ve loved for a long time is Boy Brow from Glossier, it’s great for taming your brows if they’re a bit unruly like mine. The other one is Brow Densify from Lancome. This is great for shading in the gaps, and it lasts for ages.
  • I tried out my wonderful friend & roommate Liadh‘s facial tan over the last few days, and I have never been so obsessed with a beauty product in a very long time. I get hormonal spots every now and again, but in general, my skin is in good condition. BUT I never am not wearing makeup, because I am so pale, I literally look physically unwell. This tan doesn’t make me break out, it’s incredibly moisturising and develops into the most gorgeous shade ever. I used light to medium and will be stocking up on as many bottles that I can get my hands on the first chance I get.


  • I’ve been living in my All Saints leather jacket lately. It was definitely an investment purchase, but one that has not let me down at all.
  • Since summer doesn’t seem to be making any sort of an appearance, I’ve been eyeing up some gorgeous summer knitwear from Lucy Nagle. Her pieces are just stunning, I have three already and live in them. A more affordable place for knitwear that also lasts really well is & Other Stories.
  • I’m obsessed with the necklace that Daisy London sent me during the week from their collaboration with Estee Lalonde.


  • Something that might not come to mind when you think about the impact that food has on the environment, is seasonal eating. Shopping local, and purchasing food that is in season, means that your food won’t have travelled a long distance to get to you, which is really important when you consider your carbon footprint. I’m working with Bord Bia to promote Strawberry Season on my Instagram. I posted this recipe video tonight and would love to know what you think and if you’ll be trying it out. I promise it’s delicious and so simple!
  • I tested out two recipes from the brand new Unislim cookbook during the week. The aim of Unislim’s game is to help people get to a healthier place in life through healthy eating and easy to achieve recipes. I’ll definitely film one or two for my Instagram over the next week or two.
  • I got a chance to taste some dishes at Taste of Dublin, since that’s the aim of the game. PickleHang Dai Chinese are top of my list for places to eat out in now.

Hope you enjoyed this post! See you in the next one,

Niamh xx


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