Wellness at Work

Hi everyone and welcome back! Today’s Wellness Wednesday post is going to revolve around corporate wellness. Wellness at work is something that is so important and may get overlooked sometimes since you’re technically on the clock and don’t have as much control over what you do and when as you would at home. However, I do think that there are lots of things that we can control that can make a massive difference to our day-to-day mood and feelings. 

Let’s get stuck in!

Wellness at work

Sleep trumps…everything! – Be it food, exercise or your appearance, if they have to suffer, then so be it. You absolutely need to make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night to make sure you’re functioning at your highest level. So sleep an extra half hour and leave off your make up for the day if you need to.

Eat – Make sure you are eating well and as often as you need to, even if it is at your desk. I know one of my past managers really didn’t like when we did this but if you find one day that you really didn’t have time to have breakfast at home for whatever reason, just send an email and ask politely if they would mind if you caught up on your emails while you had your breakfast. I’m sure they will be understanding and would prefer you to have your breakfast than to skip it.

Caffeine – If you find yourself a little anxious in work on a particular day then I would say easy on the caffeine. Even if it is a good excuse to nip into the break room for a few minutes here and there.

Move – Set reminders to move. In one of my jobs we used to literally walk the carpark to vent, destress and get some fresh air. They are actually some of my favourite memories from that job, myself and the girls would laugh so much.

Office buddy – This brings me on to my next point. It’s always nice to have someone in the office who you can go to with a problem or just be an ear to listen to you, and vice versa! Make the effort with people, you never know who could be your perfect match for a best friend. It’s funny when I think back to some of my first impressions of people I worked with through the years, they ended up being completely different to what I thought. I also made some friends for life through work which I really never thought was possible!

Personalise your work space – A photo or even just your own pen jar might make the space your working in feel a little more you and less office-y.

Take advantage – Utilise the bike to work scheme. This is a great way to start your day off on the right foot and lots of companies seem to have a scheme like this set up.

Emails – Turn off email notifications sporadically if you keep finding yourself distracted by them. If emails that don’t need immediate attention keep coming through and distracting you from the task at hand, switch off your notifications for however long it takes you to get something important done.

Regular clear outs – Clear out your emails regularly, this way you’re staying organised and you’re also ensuring you haven’t missed something important!

Drown out the background noise – Put the earphones in to avoid office bitchiness and small talk. There’s always someone yapping on about someone else and it’s too easy to join in sometimes. Maybe someone loves to harp on about their personal life, but this really is never appropriate in the office. Stick on some music and just keep plugging away at your work. If you search “Lumineers Radio” on Spotify you’ll get an unreal relaxing music playlist to listen to. It’s my favourite.

Communication is key! – One thing that I always found myself bogged down with in work, was issues that were so easily resolved by a simple conversation. I remember specifically one time where I thought I was going to be working on a project that I got so excited about. Next thing, I realised that the meetings had already began and I only found out a week later. I was none the wiser that it had all started and I wasn’t a part of it. I was gutted, and inevitably ended up getting so down about it and couldn’t even look at my co-workers when they would talk about it. I ended up scheduling a meeting with my manager to find out why I wasn’t included, and it turned out I was being put on a completely different and equally good project for something else. I let it go on for way too long and got inside my own head. I was worried and stressed about this for too long, when I could have just communicated straight away how I was feeling and I would have known then what the story was. It’s a long winded example but the moral of the story is, just communicate how you feel if you find that something is getting to you and affecting how you work.

Learn to say NO! – Or if you can’t say no, learn how to ask for help. This is so important and will definitely help you manage and stay on top of your ever-growing work load.

Set aside worry time – If, like me, you’re never not worrying about something, then I urge you to tackle it head on and set time aside for worrying. Maybe it’s every hour you look at your list and have a minor freak out, decide how to rectify any issues, and then go from there. Otherwise you’ll lose hours of your life panicking. Like me!

Contagious moods – Try not to catch on to someone else’s stress or bad mood. If someone in your office is having a major freak out about a client or a project, just let them deal with it if it has nothing to do with you. Of course, if you can help them out then do. But, if you can’t and you find yourself just being an ear for their rants, then walk away. You’ll find that you’ll take on a lot of their stress and angst and you just don’t have time for that.

Buy a stress ball – My first manager had one of these and by God did she need it. If you’re working in a fast paced and stressful environment then it’s no harm to take your anger out on the squishy ball in your hand instead of getting caught rolling your eyes in a meeting. That’s happened me, I wish I was joking.

Leave work in work – I was the worst person in the world for this. I would come home after something had annoyed me in work and would just rant for as long as I could to anyone who would listen. When in reality, no one gave a toss about how annoying Mary in Accounts was. (Disclaimer: I have never worked with someone called Mary who worked in accounts – haha!) The point is, don’t bring the annoyances and stress home. You’ll irritate the people around you and you’re doing yourself zero favours by dwelling on these things. Make a strict rule that you don’t bring work home and I promise you’ll feel like a new woman (or man).

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to share it with your co-workers or friends. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Niamh xx

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  1. Audrey
    January 10, 2018 / 6:42 pm

    Great read Niamh! Lots of good practical tips. Great timing with the New Year too!

    • cinnamonsoul
      January 15, 2018 / 4:17 pm

      Thanks a million Audrey x

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