What’s In My Smoothie

Hi there! I hope everyone’s week is going well. I think I’ve finally cracked the code on making sure your week starts off on the right foot… 5 dollar uber pool. Getting to work on Monday morning was heavenly – literally! Anyway, I decided I would do my post this week on what’s in my smoothie most mornings/evenings…

I do love a good fruit smoothie, but to be honest, like most other things, you’re better off making your own at home. I honestly find myself researching food, the breakdown of different types and the effects that it has on our bodies so much lately. It fascinates me! I think it’s down to seeing how my body got physically leaner when I ate more carbs and fats and didn’t go so heavy on the synthetic protein powder. The more I started to understand about what my body needs and when, was when I started to put less and less fruit into my homemade smoothies. These were a real staple in my diet. Obviously this was a change among a lot of others!

I’m currently in my final week of my workout plan with Recalibrated Bodies (more on that next week though!). So as of late since I’ve been trying to balance my smoothies like I would my meals. This is because I’m following the macro guidelines provided to me by Amanda and Daniel.
It’s rare that my smoothies ever contain a lot of fruit, which is what I typically would have loaded them with a few months ago. Sometimes overnight oats just won’t do it for me so I just blend it up and chug in a few minutes – it’s so handy! That sort of balanced protein / carbohydrate / fat mix is what my ‘concoctions’ are usually made up of now, I don’t know if these can even be classified as smoothies anymore haha.
Usually a typical mix will be filled with the following:
  • Oats. Depending on whether I’m training or not, I’ll add 55g or else 30g. Oats make your smoothie so creamy and thick
  • Post workout I add a frozen banana, this will literally give you an ice cream consistency…
  • 1 teaspoon of cacao
  • Flavor drops from My Protein, I usually just go with toffee or vanilla
  • Unflavored soy protein powder – 2 scoops post workout, 1 scoop otherwise.
  • A tablespoon of nut butter (drooling) – if anyone has tried White Chocolate Nuts n More, you’ll know its hard to not add about 5 tablespoons haha
  • 30g of frozen berries
  • Some water or milk, usually water these days because I can never physically carry the almond milk in one go home with me from the supermarket, they are HUGE!
  • I always try to add some superfood blend of some kind to make sure my immune system is on it’s A game at all times. I also always take a variety of multivitamins every dayWhat's in my smoothie, Cinnamon SoulPhotos by Edelle Kenny

This was just a short and sweet post, after I got a few questions on Snapchat (niamhos21) about my post workout smoothie. Look at me being all popular and getting asked questions for once 😀

Have a super day,

Niamh x

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