WhatsApp Group Faves Volume 3 – Fake Tan

I’m back with Volume 3 of my WhatsApp Group recommendations. As usual, the idea with these posts is that they are all from my group of friends, with absolutely no brand bias. These are the products that the girls recommend to the group as their favourites, the ones that they repurchase time and time again. Be sure to check out their recommendations for skincare and beauty, incase you have missed them. But for today, we’re talking fake tan…

Make Up Fanatic, 26, Kill (Born & Bred) 

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived (Medium to Dark Lotion) – “Don’t really need tan buuuut it’s usually a gradual, if anything it’s this.”


Glam B!tch, 26, Sydney 

J Bronze by Jennifer Harkins – “Lasts perfectly for 5 days & it’s quite dark.”

Bondi Sands – “Second fave.”


Blue Jean Baby, 27, Naas

Bondi Sands Mousse – “Bondi Sands mousse for the win. Its just such a good bronzey colour and never orangey. It also fades impeccably. Also I just got their Liquid Gold one and it’s unreal. It’s a bit more moisturising. So so good for dry skin.”

St Tropez Gradual Moisturiser – “For the face.”


Princess of Naas, 27

Bondi Sands Mousse (light to medium) – “Colour is gorge and it fades really nicely. Not streaky at all.”

Garnier Summer Body – “For build up.”


The Ass, 27, Perth

Bondi Sands – “It’s amazing.”


The Fro, 26, Vancouver 

Cocoa Brown


Diet Coke Connoisseur, 27, Naas

“Yet to find one psoriasis friendly”


Mute of the Group, 27, London

“No tan in 5 years, but the last one was Sally Hansen!”


Fair Skinned Maiden, 27, Kill 

“Not into tan”


Tomato Lover, 27, London

Bellamianta Liquid Gold – “Usually sleep in over night or leave on all day to really let it develop. Can be hard to remove sometimes but still a fave.”

Garnier Summer Body – “Fab for during the week when you don’t want to look pasty.”

Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs– “A goldie oldie. I use all over if I need to tan in a hurry.”


Bride to be, 26, Dublin

Tan Organic – “Oil & foam for legs. Wears off so well, especially on hols”


My Mum (side note: my Mum is not in my WhatsApp group with the girls but I just wanted to share her recommendations too!)

He-Shi Gradual Tan

Chanel L’eau Tan



Bondi Sands Mousse – this has to be my favourite because the colour is just 10/10 for me. It also wears off so incredibly evenly, you would forget you had it on. HOWEVER, the smell is quite strong and it definitely marks my sheets every time which is a little annoying.

Bare by Vogue Lotion – I love this one so much, but have only used it twice so far. The colour is gorgeous and the smell is 10/10. It also doesn’t come off on my sheets which is such a bonus. I’m keen to try the mousse version next.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs – this is an absolute essential for me. It’s perfect for evening out any blotches or streaks, and is a great instant tan that doesn’t budge too easily.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, there will be lots more like it! & thanks to my wonderful friends for helping me put this together.

Niamh xx

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