WhatsApp Group Faves Volume 4 – Skincare Heroes 2019

This week’s WhatsApp Group Faves blog post is a huge roundup of all of the girls’ favourite skincare products. Last week’s makeup post seemed to go down a treat so I’m thrilled. If you read it, thank you! If not, you can check it out here.

WhatsApp Group Faves Volume 4 - Skincare Heroes 2019

Let me preface this blog post by reminding you to think about what your own skin needs / will react best to before deciding that any of the products below are worth purchasing. I personally just love to see what other people use and what works for them, but I’m always wary and try to bear in mind that what works for other people might not work for me. I hope you enjoy!

Make Up Fanatic, 27, Kill (Born & Bred) 

Environ Oil Capsules – “They are just to die for never tried anything like it on my skin.”

Lacura Glycolic Acid Pads – “They’re from Aldi, a great dupe for the Nip + Fab.”

Glam B!tch, 27, Naas The Place

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum -“It’s so hydrating as you know.”

Blue Jean Baby, 28, Naas The Place

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum – “Repeating the gals here but the top skincare product is the Advanced Night Repair Serum, I’ve noticed such a difference even after just a few days. It’s spenny but so worth it.”

Vichy Mineral 89 Serum – “So hydrating.”

The Ordinary Granactive Retinol 2% – “This is brilliant and not too harsh so you don’t need to build up a tolerance [like other retinols].”

Princess of Naas, 27, Naas The Place

La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum – “This baby honestly my skin feels like a baby’s bottom when I put it on! I’m obsessed.”

Coraline, 28, London

The Ordinary Amino Acids + B5 – “At the moment this is my fave skincare product. It has helped a lot with dry skin, you’d think it would make your skin greasy by the feel of it but by some sorcery it dries in really nicely.”

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% – “I also use this which helps with redness, which is good for me. The Ordinary is just so accessible price wise, and I think once you understand what each product does, it’s pretty fab.”

The Fro, 27, Vancouver 

Emma Hardie Morning Cleansing Balm – “I don’t really have much of a skincare routine at the mo but this cleanser is divine. It’s literally like silk on your face”

Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask – “Big fan. They’re fab especially for the plane when your skin gets so dry.”

Diet Coke Connoisseur, 27, Naas

Kiehls Cucumber Conditioning Cleanser and Kiehls Ultra Facial Balm – “Been totally neglecting my skincare recently but have started using these and I like both (I’ve combination skin with red patchiness)”

Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask – “A good newcomer to skincare (it’s nice every once in a while when you can get some time to just sit with it on your face).”

The Ass, 27, Perth

The Ordinary Products

Mute of the Group, 27, London

The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%, Vitamin C Serum & Avene SPF 50 – “Big fan of the Ordinary. Love Niacinamide the same as Ruth but every morning I use the Vitamin C Serum and I really notice a difference. It helps protect from pollution which I’m a big fan of, living in Landan. I will not leave the house come rain or shine without SPF 50 on my face though and I’ve tried a few different brands- Avene is my favourite as it’s light and sits well on top of moisturisers.”

Fair Skinned Maiden, 28, Berlin

The Ordinary’s Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% 💕– “This is my ride or die skincare. It neutralises sebum/oil like nothing I’ve ever used and minimises pores. Morning and night and only €6.”

Tomato Lover, 28, London

Clinique Take The Day Off Balm – “This is my go to make up remover. I’m on my third tub – lasts a long time and works great with warm water and a face cloth. Top Tip – put on before getting into shower and wash off whilst you wash hehe.”

Clinique Take The Day Off Make Up Remover for Lips, Lids & Lashes – “Prior to putting on the balm, I always use the eye make up and lip stick remover. Love it.”

Lacura Q10 Anti Wrinkle Multi Intensive Serum – “I also use this serum from Aldi. My Mam gave it to me ages ago and I love it. I keep re-buying, feels great and smells great…and it costs F all.”

Bride to be, 27, Dublin

Alumier Sheer Hydration SPF 40 – “My fave skincare product, I wear it everyday as my moisturiser.”

My Sister

My sister is not in the group but I’ll take all the recommendations I can get to be honest!

Simple Moisturising Facial Wash


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair – This is a really pricey product that I have recommended to so many of the girls because it honestly works wonders. I first heard about how amazing this product was from Simone Scribes via The Glow Up podcast. I find it seriously smooths out my skin and the texture always feels so hydrated and plump after using it.

My Clarins Clear Out – I’ve recommended this product to so many people because I find it truly works wonders in reducing spots. I leave it beside my bed and if I see a suspicious black head, or if I can feel a spot on the horizon, I’ll put this on straight away day or night. I’m making a massive effort to not squeeze spots or blackheads when they do appear (it’s next to impossible not to!!!), but when I do, I’ll make sure my face & hands are cleansed and clean, and then I’ll pop this straight on afterwards.

Skin Accumax Capsules – I’ve purposely been mute about these capsules, because I wanted to be so sure that they worked for me. I didn’t want to plug them prematurely because I know how hard it is to try and navigate through all the products being pushed at you from every angle these days. These were recommended to me by a skin expert over a year ago, so I trusted that they were the bees knees. The online reviews would suggest the same! I used them for about 6 months, and then went off them for about 3 months and am now fully converted and back onto them again. Personally, for me, I noticed that the texture of my skin was noticeably better (clearer & healthier looking) when I was taking them… Breakouts are few and far between, even when I’m on my period. They contain vitamins A, C & E which support healthy skin and I genuinely believe that they are worth every cent. These seem pricier than they actually are. A box of 180 capsules, which will do you for about 3 months (when you take 2 per day), costs 98 pounds, broken down is a cost of about 32 pounds per month. I promise you it’s worth it. Alongside a predominantly healthy diet, regular exercise & good quality sleep, I would be really surprised if you didn’t notice healthier looking skin when taking these.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, there will be lots more like it! & thanks to my wonderful friends for helping me put this together.

Niamh xx

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