The Training Style I Swear By…

The “Wednesday Blues” (yes that is now a thing) are very real after a bank holiday weekend full of fun! I spent the weekend with my friends at the Forbidden Fruit festival, and it couldn’t have been better! It’s bleak, but I’m trying to get as many workouts in this week before I head off to Greece this weekend for ten days. There is no doubt that I will be doing zero unnecessary exercise while I’m over there! I wanted today’s post talk about the different training style I’m doing at the moment though, as I feel like it will definitely benefit someone who is trying to mix it up in the gym.

I was back in the gym yesterday with my trainer Shelly, and she did a very good job of making me sweat out the drinks and fried food that were indulged in over the weekend. When I compare the way that I train with Shelly compared to how I work out when I’m on my own, there is a major difference. 

What I’m doing differently…

Ok, so…I hope I explain this in the right way. What I used to do was the classic 3 x 12 of different exercises approach. But now it’s so different, and much harder! We go for “As Many Reps As Possible” or “AMRAP” (as it’s also known), in a given amount of time. It’s an absolute killer! Basically, this means that instead of 12 squats or push ups, I would have to do as many as possible in 30 seconds or 60 seconds, or 3 minutes!

**If you are a gym bunny then I sincerely apologise for how basic and obvious this will be to you! I’m sure that there are plenty of people on my level reading this (hopefully) who this will be news to though!**

I don’t know about you, but I rarely get my heart rate up to where it needs to be when I work out on my own at home or in the gym. I never put myself under pressure, I am very easy on myself! Something about having a set amount of time to get workouts completed really makes me want to achieve more than I would otherwise. I honestly swear by this style of workout!

I have to say that I’ve genuinely noticed the biggest change in my body since starting this style of training – I’m finally seeing results. Looking and feeling stronger and fitter was my main goal and I really feel like I’m getting there. I’ve never had major issues with my weight thankfully enough, and that’s definitely down to being athletic as a kid and teenager. But I definitely wanted to look stronger as opposed to just skinny, that was what really drove me to start one-on-one training. Shelly and I are going to get stuck into some workout videos when we both get back from our summer holidays in July, so do let me know if you would be interested in seeing those. It will be very much guided by Shelly as she is a qualified PT, but the editing and the rest will be down to me. A lot of time and effort goes into creating videos so I would love to hear if this was something you would want to see. I fully believe that Shelly would whoop all of us into shape!

There are already a few examples of the workouts that we do in the highlights section of my Instagram, so make sure to check them out! 

Sweaty Betty Favourites

Sweaty Betty is a staple in my workout wardrobe and I especially love this print for working out in the summer. I thought while I was here talking about fitness, I may as well share a few of my favourite pieces on their website at the moment! I shot this whole look while I was in New York and I have to say, I think it could be one of my favourite shoots ever! Let me know if you like it?

I really hope that you enjoyed this post, and let me know if pick up any of the Sweaty Betty pieces for yourself!

Lots of love,

Niamh xx

Outfit // Top: Sweaty Betty // Bottoms: Sweaty Betty 

Photographer: Neil Patrick Collins 

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